Say Hello to WordPress 3.8

Say hello to WordPress 3.8. It’s a pretty big new release. Here is an overview of what’s new…

Introducing the New WordPress 3.2

Here is a video introducing the new WordPress 3.2.

Note that with WordPress version 3.2, the minimum requirements are changing and you will need to be running PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.

Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy – The Case for Inbound Marketing

With companies continuing to adapt their marketing budgets and marketing mix to better take advantage of the internet, I wanted to share this slide deck on Inbound Marketing to help us all navigate.  Inbound marketing is the process of marketing in such a way that people are attracted to your website and company. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, many of which involve Content Marketing, a form of PR and leveraging metrics. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how Inbound Marketing can help your business.

100 Awesome Digital Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs

Inbound Marketing is typically considered to be a form of Digital Marketing, with an emphasis on content, conversations and bringing people back to your website.  Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are forms of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.  Demand Generation is a broader term that also involves Inbound Marketing.

Here are ways people can find you using Inbound Marketing:

  • First, think like a publisher.  Focus on content creation, content marketing, fostering conversations, and links back to your website.
  • Blog regularly.  They may become a reader of your blog. They may find you via a Google search.  They may find you via a shared link to your blog.
  • Interact on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.  Share, comment, publish content.  This will increase your online footprint and give people the opportunity to discover and interact with you.  Remember to link back to your website.
  • Listen.  See what people are saying about you and topics related to your business.  Then use that information to start meaningful conversations with prospects and existing customers.

The list goes on…

inbound marketing

Want more? Here is some additional useful information on Inbound Marketing (and Content Marketing):

As a Digital Marketing Engineer, I would be happy to discuss more… just shoot me a brief email to start the conversation! I have over 10 years of online experience, including 8 years in online media, that could be applied toward your web presence and web marketing.

NEW Method for Creating Custom Tabs on Facebook Pages

New Facebook Tab Method: iFrames

“Facebook Custom Tab” is the term used to describe customized webpages within your Facebook Page.  (see image below)

Facebook recently changed the way Custom Tabs are to be created for your Facebook Page.

From Facebook:

As of today, you can build your Page Tab apps using iframes rather than FBML. This means you can now build apps that run across Facebook (including Pages and Canvas applications) using the same simple, standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS).

The new method is referred to as “iFrame” and the old method is “Static FBML.”  The Static FBML method is being deprecated (retired), which means it may not be supported by Facebook in the future.  So, all Facebook Pages with Custom Tabs should convert over to the new iFrame method.  And any new Custom Tab should be created using the new iFrame method.

A Facebook Custom Tab can be added to your Facebook Page by using the Developer App and adding the App to your Page.

>> Contact me if you need help creating a Facebook Page with a Custom Tab >>

New Facebook Tab Location

Another more obvious change to Facebook Pages is the new location of the Tabs.  Facebook Tabs are now located on the left side rather than across the top.  Below are a couple examples of the new and old placement of Facebook Tabs.

NEW: Facebook Tabs located on left side

New Facebook Custom Tab

OLD: Facebook tabs placed across the top of a Page

Old Facebook Custom Tabs

WordPress 3.1 is Available, with Over 3 Million Downloads. Time to Upgrade!

WordPress 3.1, the popular and free website CMS, was released on February 23, 2011 — one month ago.  In its first month, it has been downloaded nearly 3.5 million times.  WordPress 3.0 was downloaded over 30 millions times after its launch on June 17, 2010. WordPress 3.1 is on pace to hit that level this year.

wordpress versions usage chart - march 2011I was one of the first to use version 3.1 on my websites and have not run into any issues.  Now that it has been available for one month, I would recommend everyone upgrade.

According to WordPress (see chart at right), about 50% of the websites using WordPress are using a version older than 3.0!  This is a security risk. Please upgrade your version of WordPress.  If you need help, please let me know and I would be happy to help. Keeping your version up-to-date is one of the easiest things you can do to improve security.  There are a number of other things you can do to improve security, but some of it requires more technical knowledge.

To upgrade:

  • Login to your admin panel
  • Backup your database (There are plugins that can be used, or, I can help with that)
  • Click on Upgrades within the Dashboard section (left side)
  • First, update your plugins
  • Next, click the button to upgrade automatically
  • Once your version is upgraded, view your website to make sure it looks and functions as it should

If you are interested in a WordPress website, or have one and would like to improve it, I would be happy to discuss with you.  There are a number of benefits of using it as your CMS: it makes managing your website easier and allows search engines to find your website easier without having to know a lot about SEO.  There are many other reasons.

wordpress 3.1 downloads

It’s Official: WordPress 3.0 Has Been Downloaded Over 30 Million Times!

For those asking How many times has WordPress 3.0 been downloaded? or How widely used is WordPress 3.0? … 30 million says it all.

WordPress continues to grow for a number of reasons:

  • WordPress is FREE open-source software
  • WordPress is easy to use by website content editors
  • WordPress has inherently good SEO
  • WordPress is easy and fast to setup (at least in its initial basic fashion)
  • WordPress is extensible, meaning you can add functionality and customizations
  • WordPress has a huge, active community of enthusiasts that continue to improve it
  • WordPress can meet the needs of most websites on the internet

If you are interested in a WordPres website, or want to improve your WordPress website,
contact me to discuss… I would be happy to help!

As of today, WordPress 3.0 has been downloaded 30,130,625 times.  Not bad considering it has only been available since last Summer!

WordPress downloaded over 30 million times

Rock out your Website and Digital Marketing in 2011

A new year is upon us and as with every fresh start now is a great time to revamp your website and web marketing.  Make Q1 2011 the time when you revamp your website and web marketing efforts.

Ask yourself…

When was my website created? If it was more than 2 years ago there is a good chance you are missing out on many of the best practices available today that will help you reach new customers online.

How does my website contribute to my business? This is an important question.  Many people start by asking themselves how the website looks or makes them feel.  The first question should be “how does my website help my business?”  Most websites can improve this aspect.  Actually, that’s wrong, ALL websites can improve here.

The web keeps changing and marketing increasingly becomes more technical and complex.  Allow me to be your partner, where I take care of the details of making your website contribute better to your business, and you focus on your business.  Small businesses and over 100 radio, TV and newspaper brands have trusted me with their websites, I hope you will too this year.

To give you an idea on options, here are some website services where I can help your business leverage the web to grow…

Website Creation:

Website Optimization:

Digital Marketing:

Of course, you do not need to know what you want at this stage. If you are interested in using your website and digital marketing to improve your business in 2011, please send me a message below and we can start by discussing your business objectives.

How can your website contribute better to your business?

The web provides many ways to grow your business, but only if you take advantage of them. Let's discuss...
  • web design, content, CMS, traffic, SEO, email database, social media, revenue impact from web, etc.
  • web design, content, CMS, traffic, SEO, email database, social media, revenue impact from web, etc.

Internet Advertising Set to Hit a New Record in 2010

2010 is on pace to set a new record for Internet advertising revenue, with the Q3 2010 being the highest on record.  Why is this?  Consumers have shifted their habits and advertisers are catching up by shifting their ad spend.  Keep in mind that this is advertising revenue.  It does not include the dollars spent on building out one’s own promotional platform, which is the real opportunity today.

Companies can be their own media company by strategically leveraging their website, email database, social media, a plethora of content types, and audience development and lead generation tactics.  You will hear me refer to some of this as content marketing.  But in the bigger picture, it is about making your company your own media company.

Internet advertising becomes extra sweet when you have an effective internet advertising campaign on the front-end AND integrate it with lead generation and other tactics on the back-end to make the most of your advertising dollars.  It allows your audience to stay with you after they first visit, versus having to pay for them to return.

Quarterly Internet Advertising Revenue Growth, 1Q01 – 3Q10 (In millions)

2010 Q3 Internet Advertising Revenue

From the official IAB press release (emphasis mine):

NEW YORK, NY — U.S. Internet advertising revenues hit $6.4 billion in the third quarter of 2010, representing the highest quarterly result ever for the online advertising industry and a 17% increase from the same period in 2009. The third quarter 2010 revenue estimates were announced today by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC US.

“The Internet has transformed consumers’ lives and how they experience entertainment, information and brands,” said Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB. “Marketers have embraced digital media because that’s where they can engage with their consumers. This vibrant, innovative industry is creating jobs and contributing to the growth of the U.S. economy.”

Advertisers are shifting more of their brand messaging online, accounting for this welcome surge in a difficult economy,” said David Silverman, a partner at PwC. “This trend reflects the accelerating shift in consumer behavior towards the internet and away from traditional media.”

SEO: Get More Results on Page One of Google

Google made a change to its algorithm recently to show more results from a single domain (from 2 to 4).  This means  your website can show up as four separate listings in Google search results if it is seen as highly relevant.  Below is an example for my website when searching for digital marketing engineer.  Google also reduced the amount of related content shown to a single line from two lines.  Makes sense if they are showing more search listings for a single domain.  Thanks Google, I like.

multiple results for single domain on google

Evolution of Google’s Integration of Twitter Into Search Results

Google first started integrating Twitter content into its search results in March 2009.  Since then, it has tried at least a few different implementations of how it does this.  Given Google’s test-test-test-and-test approach, I have to assume they are refining it for a better user experience.  It is interesting that Google started with a more standard Google approach, then shifted to a more Twitter-like look-and-feel, and is now going for more of a hybrid approach that introduces a scroll bar.

Here is an example of one of my searches today:

Here is an example from January 2010:

Here is an example from March 2009:

What are your thoughts?  Have you seen other implementations than those shown above?