NEW Method for Creating Custom Tabs on Facebook Pages

New Facebook Tab Method: iFrames

“Facebook Custom Tab” is the term used to describe customized webpages within your Facebook Page.  (see image below)

Facebook recently changed the way Custom Tabs are to be created for your Facebook Page.

From Facebook:

As of today, you can build your Page Tab apps using iframes rather than FBML. This means you can now build apps that run across Facebook (including Pages and Canvas applications) using the same simple, standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS).

The new method is referred to as “iFrame” and the old method is “Static FBML.”  The Static FBML method is being deprecated (retired), which means it may not be supported by Facebook in the future.  So, all Facebook Pages with Custom Tabs should convert over to the new iFrame method.  And any new Custom Tab should be created using the new iFrame method.

A Facebook Custom Tab can be added to your Facebook Page by using the Developer App and adding the App to your Page.

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New Facebook Tab Location

Another more obvious change to Facebook Pages is the new location of the Tabs.  Facebook Tabs are now located on the left side rather than across the top.  Below are a couple examples of the new and old placement of Facebook Tabs.

NEW: Facebook Tabs located on left side

New Facebook Custom Tab

OLD: Facebook tabs placed across the top of a Page

Old Facebook Custom Tabs